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Neoprene Life Jacket with Hidden Pocket and Adjustable Straps

Neoprene Life Jacket with Hidden Pocket and Adjustable Straps

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Neoprene Life Jacket with Concealed Pocket and Adjustable Webbing

The Neoprene Life Jacket is designed for adults and children participating in various water activities such as swimming, boating, skiing, driving, and drifting. Made of neoprene, it offers high buoyancy and safety. The jacket comes in black, blue, red, maple leaf black, maple leaf blue, and maple leaf red color options, with sizes ranging from XS to XL to fit different ages and body types.

  • Made of elastic, soft neoprene fabric and high-quality new pearl cotton material, water-proof, moisture-proof, skin-friendly, breathable, and comfortable to wear
  • Concealed pocket on the back for storing personal items
  • Smooth edging strips for a simple, elegant, fashionable, and beautiful look
  • Two 3.8cm high-quality fixed webbings can be adjusted for tightness, providing a firm and secure fit
  • Indispensable life-saving equipment for outdoor water sports, marine sports, remote seas and offshore fishing, leisure by the water, canoeing, boats without lifeboats, cruise ships, and maritime affairs

The jacket features a concealed pocket on the back for storing personal items, smooth edging strips for an elegant look, and double webbing on the back for adjustable tightness. It is an indispensable piece of life-saving equipment for water sports and leisure activities, with a high-quality material that is waterproof, moisture-proof, and comfortable to wear. Choose the right size based on weight, with a tight fit recommended for outdoor sports like swimming and diving, and a looser fit for activities like yachting and fishing. With its functionality and safety features, this Neoprene Life Jacket offers peace of mind and comfort while enjoying water activities.

Pack includes: 1 x life jacket

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